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2 Minutes Away - Oppian Hill Park And The Domus Aurea

    2 Minutes Away - Oppian Hill Park And The Domus Aurea

    A magnificent haven of greenery and shade, home to some of Rome’s most extraordinary treasures. Such is the seductive beauty of Oppian Hill Park unfolding before our hotel. The starting point is the Domus Aurea, Nero's city villa built after the terrible fire that devastated Rome in 64 AD. The “Golden House”, designed by architects Celer and Severus, had 300 rooms, swimming pools and fountains. Of particular interest are the grotesques. 

    Over time, the Domus Aurea were completely buried and the Baths of Trajan were built over much of it. The Domus Aurea was forgotten until, in the 15th century, a boy fell through a hole on the slopes of Oppian Hill and found himself in a strange frescoed cave. 

    It was a revelation. In no time, artists from Ghirlandaio to Pinturicchio, from Raphael to Michelangelo, had themselves lowered into the cave to view this marvel with their own eyes. The grotesques’ beauty had a profound influence on Renaissance artists. Proof? Visit the Raphael’s loggia at the Vatican and you’ll see that, in this city, history never ends. Needless to say that Oppian Hill Park is a magnificent place for a walk or an early morning jog.

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