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0 to 7 minutes

    Discover Rome

    “Location, location, location. Which other hotel offers you the luxury of discovering the symbols of Ancient Rome within a 0 to 7-minute radius?

    From the Capitoline Hill to the Roman Forum, from the temples of the Pantheon to the first Christian churches, to the basilica housing one of Michelangelo’s masterpieces? And may we suggest a viewpoint from which to find your bearings amid such beauty?

    From the magnificent terrace of our Aroma Restaurant, discover 1500 years of history before your very eyes."

    Matteo Moretti
    Manager, Palazzo Manfredi

    0 Minutes Away - Ludus Magnus

    We are right above it. It is part of our very foundations. The Great Game, as the literal translation of Ludus Magnus goes, was the largest and most important of Rome’s gladiatorial schools, and was located beside the Colosseum, connected to the latter by an underground passage...

    1 Minute Away - Colosseum

    Sixty seconds to the Colosseum. Just step out of our hotel, take a few steps, and you’re there, before the largest amphitheatre in the world, the symbol par excellence of Ancient Rome and Italy.

    2 Minutes Away - Oppian Hill Park And The Domus Aurea

    A magnificent haven of greenery and shade, home to some of Rome’s most extraordinary treasures. Such is the seductive beauty of Oppian Hill Park unfolding before our hotel...

    3 Minutes Away - Basilica Of Saint Clement

    Rome's history and the extraordinary passage from the classical to the Christian eras are a stone’s throw from your room. Enter the spectacular Basilica of Saint Clement and discover its incredible structure spanning three floors.

    4 Minutes Away - The Imperial Fora

    The road to the Imperial Fora begins and ends before us. Fancy a stroll through Imperial Rome? Want to walk through the world’s most spectacular string of squares? If so, start at the Forum of Caesar, inaugurated in 46 BC...

    5 Minutes Away - Roman Forum

    This was the commercial, religious and political heart of Rome, and lay in the valley between the Palatine and Capitoline hills...

    6 Minutes Away - Capitoline Hill And The Capitoline Museums

    Rome was born here, on Capitoline Hill. According to legend, the god Saturn created the first settlement here, in which the Greeks, led by Hercules, were welcomed...

    7 Minutes Away - Saint Peter In Chains And Michelangelo's Moses

    A masterpiece by Michelangelo? Before visiting the Sistine Chapel, visit this splendid basilica, one of Rome’s oldest, and the final resting place of Pope Julius II...

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    The Roman Forum and thousands of experiences in Rome

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