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    Discover Rome

    Our Concierge Service would be delighted to book you tickets for Rome’s major museums and to offer you the city's best guides so that you can relax and enjoy the Eternal City’s masterpieces.

    Discover Rome

    Happens in Rome

    Below a selection of the most important cultural events in Rome chosen for you by the Concierge at Palazzo Manfredi 


    The Central Market of Roma Termini

    In the Mazzoni wing of the Central Railway Station of Rome the Mercato Centrale di Roma has been renovated and reopened. The new structure consists of 2500 square meters, with a restaurant at the upper level, a hall of events and more than 20 shops, each one of which has a display area and a food court with preparation of fine food. The space was created by the businessman Umberto Montano, the market is popular with the public because of the typical Italian cuisine served there, as well as reasonably priced products.
    The emporium is located in one of the most fascinating areas of Rome, the Esquilino, a multi-ethnic part of the city, which has been neglected for many years, and left to decline. The work that has been done to redevelop the area is in line with the upgrading that has taken place in Florence since 2014, where the destiny of the San Lorenzo quarter has been given a vital lift.
    The focal point of the Termini market is constructed in the so-called Cappa Mazzoniana wing of the station, realized in the thirties by the engineer and architect Angiolo Mazzoni. From this point is the beginning of a network of shops and restaurants, workshops and counters displaying food for those who love to explore, taste and buy the high quality food.


    Exhibitions at Maxxi - National Museum of 21st Century Art

    9 November - 6 February
    The exhibition narrates the importance of the project by the Japanese House through works by archistars such as Kenzo Tange, Toyo Ito, Kazuyo Sejima and Shigeru Ban, and their masters, less known in the Western world such as Shirai, Shinohara, Sakamoto and young promising extraordinary artists.
    A cohabitation between tradition and innovation, nature and artifice, antique and technological evolution: the domestic space is the key to metropolitan culture in Japan today.
    9 November - 6 February
    for the the exhibition The Japanese House, a detailed study on the multiple and rooted reasons that architect and designer Carlo Scarpa is so tied to Japan, to its architectural culture, its literature and historical, cultural and constructive traditions.


    The Stadium of Domitian

    First and unique example of stadium of athletes in masonry built in Rome, declared Unesco patrimony and open to the public since 2014, with over 70.000 visitors. The stadium of Domitian, whose remains are found at piazza Navona, approximately 4,50 meters underground. The archeological area, open and visible every day, offers the chance to learn about the history of the piazza and the sport practiced there with reference to the agonistic disciplines of ancient Greece and Imperial Rome, thanks also to explanatory panels. Numerous events planned, cultural meetings and debates and temporary exhibits.
    Guided tours of the site exclusively every day from 7 p.m., Saturday from 8 p.m., with aperitif following the tour €20 per person (including entrance and aperitif).


    The Quirinale: A Visit to the Palazzo

    New itineraries open up for the discovery of the Quirinale, the Palace of the President of the Italian Republic. The daily tours make it possible to choose between two itineraries where one can admire a patrimony of art, history and culture. The short route gives access to the Piano Nobile (the noble floor) and the ground floor, including a visit to the exhibit about the history of the Palazzo, the exposition of the Albertino Charter and the Italian Constitution, as well as many historic documents, for the duration of approximately one hour. The complete tour, which lasts two hours and thirty minutes, consists of the first tour plus a visit to the Vasella with an exhibition of valuable silverware, a visit to the Gardens, to the Museum and to the Gallery delle Carrozze, where you will find the gala carriages in use until 1939, and finally the Gallery dei Finimenti, housing of the Savoy family.


    Happens in Rome

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